Building strong bodies and minds

Our Unique Approach to Dance

We teach dance as the sport it is.  Dance develops strength and coordination and is excellent exercise.  We look out for the safety of our dancers through encouraging proper nutrition, our sprung-wood floors which reduce the stress on your joints and making sure our dancers learn how to properly execute every technique.

Physical Strength

Dancers are masters at making the nearly impossible seem easy.  Dance creates lean muscle mass through full-body work, so all strength gained through dance is balanced and carries into every daily task.

Emotional Strength

As you learn more skills, you will learn that you are capable of things you didn’t think you were.  Our instructors and students support each other as they grow.

We only allow our dancers one competitor – who they were yesterday.

Social Strength

As you learn what you’re really capable of, your confidence grows.  You start to naturally move with grace and poise.  You hold yourself in a way that others notice.

I have felt that every class here, teachers have added things just for me, so that I can continue my path to improvement!
Holland J.
Adult Student

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