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I've been with KDA for two years now and the first day I was there I was welcomed and felt that I wasn't just a student but also a person who wasn't "money". They try their best to help you grow as a dancer. It's not like when you go to their dance studios where you have to have this great technique and knowledge of dance. They will help you grow and learn at the pace that you want, you don't feel pressed to already know something because they will help you remember and learn.
Esperanza T.

What makes Kinetic Dance Academy Different?


Dancers are athletes

Dancers build strength, balance and poise few other athletes can attain.  They make very difficult moves look effortless.  Many professional athletes take dance classes to improve their coordination, balance and agility.  Dancers excel at making the hardest things seem effortless.


We help you build your confidence!

As you learn more skills, your confidence grows.  As you gain confidence and perform in front of your classmates, families and community, your confidence becomes compelling.


Drama free zone

We expect our students to have only one person they compare themselves to:  who they were yesterday.

My daughter goes here, she used to go to another dance school but this place is amazing. Her teacher is so awesome, she has so much patience I would have given up trying to teach my child what she’s taught her. I am so impressed!
Amanda M.