Happy Holidays!

We are closed for classes until January 3, 2022. Let us all hope that 2022 will be the year we can quickly put Covid behind us!


We offer classes for children from 2 to 12. For kids ages 2 to 5, we offer movement classes, which introduce them to the world of dance, help build their coordination, focus and love for dance.
For students 6 to12, we begin teaching the fundamentals of dance in the style(s) they are interested in, in an easy going way that is sure to excite.

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We offer two different Programs for our Teens (Recreational and Lifestyle), which focus on the passion and interests each student has for dance. If a dancer is looking for a chance to learn dance, socialize and improve fitness at a relaxed pace, our Recreational Program is ideal.
If the dancer is seeking a more structured or intense athletic training style to rapidly grow their skills and passion, our Lifestyle Programs would be the perfect fit.

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Our Adult classes are something we are so excited to teach at the studio. We strongly believe that dance is for everyone and all ages, regardless of experience and our adult classes provide an environment to back that up. Whether you are looking for a new form of exercise or you want to dive deep into the world of dance, our adult classes are made for you.
Miss Lexi grew up in studios where dance stops at 18 - we don't accept that, and love working with our students in their 70s.

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Helping our Community

We at Kinetic Dance Academy have a long history of supporting OlyMEGA, a nonprofit makerspace in Olympia. We support the organization so much that one of the Kinetic Dance Academy family is a member of their executive board.  They helped us brainstorm and implement some of the technology in our studio, and OlyMEGA members helped us with our initial remodel of an empty warehouse into a beautiful, safe space to teach and learn dance.

OlyMEGA has been producing Personal Protective Equipment with their three 3D printers at least eight hours per day since mid-March, and their members are also making reusable cotton face masks at an impressive pace.  They are making and handing out tools to other crafty people, so that they can also make this equipment easily and quickly. They are running out of raw materials and the funds to purchase more materials to continue production.  As a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, any donations are tax-deductible.  The members who are producing this equipment are volunteering their time, so any donations will be used to purchase raw materials or equipment to continue making PPE.

As of April 17th, they have created 562 face-shields, 347 face mask ear relief extenders, and more than 100 handmade cloth face-masks.  They have donated this equipment to South Sound Behavioral Hospital, Northwest Bloodworks, the Olympia Police Department, the Olympia Post Office and other organizations.  JUNE 15 UPDATE:  OlyMEGA has made more than 1000 face shields and many hundreds more ear relief extenders, face mask and face shield clips, cloth face masks and tools for others to produce cloth face masks.  This huge volume of 3D prints has worked their 3D printers hard.  Each has needed to be taken down for maintenance and recovery from the heavy use, with some needing replacement parts.  Although Washington State is in the midst of reopening, the demand for this PPE still remains strong, and OlyMEGA is still fulfilling orders of a hundred or more items each week.

In an effort to ensure that they can continue producing this equipment, OlyMEGA started a GoFundMe campaign, and will use any funds generated to purchase the raw materials to continue this production.  When we pull out of this crisis, any remaining funds raised will be used to help the local maker community grow, by ensuring a place where anyone who is curious can learn how to use tools like 3D printers, laser cutters and sewing machines to name just a few.

What are “Terms?”

The studio lays out our schedule by “Terms.” This is a 2-month to 4-month period like “quarters” or “semesters.” We structure our classes so our students get the most out of each class they register for. Recreational students have the ability to start at any point during the term except for summer term, but are committed to complete the term period. During the Summer term, we are choreographing and teaching our recital routines, and new students in the middle of the term make it nearly impossible for previous students to be ready for recital. Our Lifestyle Program students have the ability to enroll within the first two weeks of each term and are required to participate for the full term. At the start of each Term we have the ability to update the schedule and any events which fit that season.

Performances / Teams / Recitals

As a studio, it is our goal to provide opportunities to perform for all of our dancers, but also understand not all want to. Each year we will hold a recital which virtually all students have the ability to participate in.

We audition for our Performance Teams and Competition Team at the end of the Summer Term. Each prospective member needs to fill out a brief online “application” and learn a small number of very short routines. The applicant needs to submit to us videos of them performing the audition routines, a short improvised dance and a personal introduction telling us why they want to be part of our teams.

We have divided our Performance Team into two teams, as some venues and parades have a minimum age for performers.

Our Performance Teams will provide the members a chance to perform in public at community events, parades and other venues. The Performance Teams will also perform at our annual recital. We work diligently to ensure that each member of the team can spread their joy of dance to the public and improve our students’ public confidence – if you can dance in public, public speaking shouldn’t be so intimidating.

In 2019, our Performance team was one of the opening acts for the Harlem Globetrotters at Saint Martin’s Pavilion!

Our 2020-2021 Competition Team will be participating in three competitions and two conventions! Unless we qualify for Nationals, we will keep travel in-state and work to keep the cost of in-state travel and hotels to a minimum.

If you are interested in joining one of our Teams, please contact us or watch the website and our social media for updates!