What are “Terms?”

The studio lays out our schedule by “Terms.” This is a 3-month period like “quarters” or “semesters.” We structure our classes so our students get the most out of each class they register for. Recreational students have the ability to start at any point during the term, but are committed to complete the term period. Our Lifestyle Program students have the ability to enroll within the first two weeks of each term and are required to participate for the full term. At the start of each Term we have the ability to update the schedule and any events which fit that season.

Performances / Teams / Recitals

As a studio, it is our goal to provide opportunities to perform for all of our dancers, but also understand not all want to. Each year we will hold a recital which virtually all students have the ability to participate in.

We also have a Performing Team with the goal of providing many performance opportunities within the community for all ages and levels, to spread the joy of dance and improve our students’ public confidence.

Along with those, we intend on introducing a Competition Team eventually which will cater to a different type of dancer/performer.

All of our Teams are picked during our Spring Term and are committed for a year. We then close registration until the following year.

If you are interested in joining one of our Teams, please contact us or watch the website and our social media for updates!