Kinetic Dance Academy opened its doors in 2018 to offer a different kind of dance instruction in Lacey, WA.  

Our Director, Miss Lexi, is young, energetic and working towards an innovative approach to teaching dance.  She has been passionate about dance from a young age, and proved herself to be an instructor who is beyond her years in ability.   She registered her first LLC as a professional dance instructor in 2012.

Many studios only focus on one or two age groups, but we welcome students of all ages.  We have two year-old “wiggle worms” students, and women of power in their 70s!  Our youngest students are able to interact with our teenage and adult students, learning how to interact as peers with common interests and goals with people of all ages.  The energy of our youngest students infects our teen and adult students with the love of life and dance.  The parents of our youngest students can see how the discipline and dedication to dance can help build strong pre-teens and young adults who are ready to take on the challenges of life with confidence and poise.  Each dancer has the chance to get a little goofy at times, and is required to focus at others.  We know that dance can be hard work, but we never lose sight that each of us should enjoy it, too.

We teach dance as a vibrant part of a healthy lifestyle.  Every person at all ages needs to keep moving to keep healthy.  We teach dance at all levels from simple movement to performance and competition preparation.  Each instructor evaluates our students to ensure that they’re motivated to improve, but not pushed beyond their current limits.  We focus on healthy eating habits and proper technique to prevent injuries before they occur.  We even installed sprung wood floors to protect our dancer’s joints and bones from day one.

Meet our Instructors