When you come in for your first class, we suggest you wear exercise attire which will allow for you to move freely without it getting in your way. As dance is a high intensity sport, we suggest that you have a jacket or some sort to warm up in, but be sure to have cooler clothing underneath so you don’t overheat as class goes on. Shorts or leggings and a tee shirt are a great start for all of our classes. Most of our dance styles are performed in specific shoes or sometimes barefoot. For all dance styles, you may take your first class in socks or barefoot. Each classroom has Marley floors, which allows for your feet to spin, but isn’t too slick. Even if you plan to dance barefoot, we suggest bringing a pair of socks just in case. “Paws” are a great choice, since they cushion the balls of the feet, and give a great balance, allowing easy turns without being slippery. We suggest you also bring a water bottle. You’ll be up and moving and Miss Lexi will start helping you work up to a healthy water intake. In case you forget water, we have bottled water here for a minimal charge.

Hip-Hop is the only dance style that uses “street shoes.” If you are taking a Hip-Hop class, please bring a pair of comfortable shoes that you don’t wear outside. Our Marley flooring is pretty tough, but we can’t allow shoes which have been worn outside and can damage the flooring in the classrooms. We have some good Hip-Hop shoes here.

We have specific attire for each class, which best fits the specific style of dance and helps our instructors observe your “lines,” or how you position your hips, shoulders, knees, etc. and ensure you are activating the proper muscles for each movement. Miss Lexi, our Director grew up taking dance classes, and is all too familiar that dance attire can be way too expensive. We have worked with several dance wear companies to find quality attire at a reasonable price. We have tried and abandoned many options which were “just” cheap, or unreasonably expensive. Our dance wear orders are placed once a week to keep shipping costs down, assuring that each student can benefit by reduced costs. Students should be able to focus on taking class, not hunting for dancewear.

When you sign up for a class, we will let you know any attire required for that class. Everyone has the ability to order any items needed through us. We have shoe sizing kits at the studio and all of our attire comes in a broad range of sizes. Most orders are received within one week of ordering. As we get ready for each new “term”, we talk with all of our students to be sure they are prepared with any new dance wear they may want or need and take advantage of bulk discounts whenever possible. We have a limited amount of dance attire and logowear in stock, should the need or desire arise.

Note that we don’t require anyone to buy their dance attire through us, except for recital/performance/competition costumes. Our selection of attire has been chosen so that each dancer doesn’t have to wonder if what they choose is good quality or whether it fits our dress code.

In our defense – We didn’t pick tutus for the recital…our teens REALLY wanted them – and they loved them!
Dancewear by Dance Style
Acro Ballet Belly Dance
Hip-Hop Jazz Lyrical/Contemporary