When you come in to Kinetic Dance Academy, you will be greeted by employees, students and their parents as well as Darryl, our unofficial yorkie-poo mascot. Everyone at the studio is genuinely excited when someone new walks in the door and we want to ensure you feel welcome in our studio. At every chance possible, we make sure that visitors meet at least one of our instructors to ensure every potential student can see the passion we all have towards dance and your learning. We love dance, and want to make sure that you will love it as well!

When you come in, we will ask you a few questions in order to really understand the experience you are looking for. Every dancer has different goals, interests and experience, so there is no one right formula for helping you learn. We want to make sure that the classes you are placed in are the ideal fit for you.

In your first classes, we will base the instruction they give you off of whatever previous experience you have. The goal of your first class is to understand how you learn, what your personality in the class is, and what your current abilities or injuries are, in order to provide the safest and most entertaining studio experience. On occasion, we may suggest you move to a different “level” of your chosen style so we can be sure that you get the most out of each classes.

We are passionate about ensuring the safety of our students. We start our youngest learning proper technique and respect for their peers and teachers.

Starting with our kids, we teach them how their bodies work, related to the movements we’re teaching. Understanding how the body works helps each student identify when they’re activating the right muscles, know how to differentiate normal fatigue from strain and how to properly care for their overall health. This teaching extends through all of our adult students, where we focus on the strengths and weaknesses of the age they are at.