We want to ensure that all of our students get the most out of their experience at Kinetic Dance Academy. We offer classes for each style at different “levels.” As each student grows as a dancer, we want to ensure that they are in the right classes for their abilities and interests in order to maintain success and excitement while learning. It doesn’t serve us or our dancers to take classes which focus on techniques or skills they have already mastered.

We prefer to have a brief meeting, (referred to as our assessments) with prospective students before we make any suggestions towards classes for you, so that we can really talk and get a clear understanding of your goals and interests within the world of dance. During your assessment we will guide you through a series of movements which will allow us to get a feel for your flexibility, strength, current skills and learning style. This will allow us to develop a plan customized for you! Once we agree we have the right plan decided for you, we will help you finish the enrollment process so your journey with us can begin!