July 6th– August 29th

Tuition Summer Intensive Kit

Our 2020 Summer Intensive will mark the start of a yearly tradition for our students. Our dancers work extremely hard all year to perfect their skills while still getting to enjoy learning new combinations and routines within classes. The purpose of our Intensive is to dive deep into every detail of our students’ training and fine tune everything they learned over the last year to take their skills above and beyond to prepare them as they move into the next season. We aim to evolve our intensives as the years go on and progressively provide more and new exciting opportunities and activities to those who participate. Here’s what to expect:

There are THREE main parts to our intensive this year –

Part 1: Correction & Refresh:

We all just took a few months away from our in-studio training and sadly many good habits were lost. This is our time to gain it all back bigger and better than before. The ultimate refresh.

We will identify and correct muscular, postural, and flexibility imbalances. We’ll regain our coordination, muscle memory, and stamina. Develop our mind to muscle connection, comprehension and strength of our turn out, ankles/feet, and knees. Educate and correct the proper nutrition necessary for each individual dancer as each one’s needs are different and will change throughout the intensive.

This part of the intensive will not only increase your skills, knowledge and abilities, but will also give your dancing a new, polished look that will help you to stand out at our recital this year.

Part 2: Digging Deep In To Our Dance Skills:

You know those moves you’ve seen on TV or in Movies and you think it’s so incredible, but that you could never do it? Those moves happen here.

Dancers will use this time to not only solidify their knowledge of techniques and terminology, but also develop the mental skills to memorize and comprehend current and new dance moves or tricks. Dancers will experiment with transitions, partnering work, and creative movements. Develop the tricks of the trade to memorize choreography quickly and execute it in a polished and professional manor.

Improv is intimidating to most dancers, whether you are just starting out or been doing it your entire life.  We’ll help you change that. This part of the intensive will give you all of our inside secrets and tricks to effortlessly and confidently improv and stand out.

In this part of the intensive, we will also learn how to tell a story through dance. There is no one right way or one right story, and our dancers will learn to act, emote and portray different roles in order to convey a message with their body instead of words.

Part 3: Preparing for Opportunities in The Industry:

The dance world can open so many doors for new and thrilling once in a lifetime opportunities.  It can make you feel comfortable in your own skin.  It can remove the fear of speaking and performing in public.  It can help you earn money towards your education, provide trips around the world, and add to your life’s accomplishments to create memories to share with future generations. That’s where Phase 3 comes into play.

We know it is summer and we all want to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air, so we plan to take some of our training to a park or maybe a lake, where we can challenge our training in a different way. These training activities will be monitored with the supervision of multiple staff members from KDA.

Now is the time to help you stand out from the crowd and be fearless in yourself. Every person needs an “IT FACTOR” to help them stand out not only in the dance world, but in day to day life. Each dancer’s stand out traits will change as time goes on, but we need to help you find your current ones and how to embrace them. We will set you up for success for future performances, competitions and dance conventions. When giving out scholarships, awards or opportunities, what will make them look at you above everyone else? How do you research before going somewhere to get the best leg up? Do you know how to change your etiquette for different events, performances, auditions, interviews?

Think of how proper communication, knowing your audience, standing out and being sure of yourself will help you in job and college interviews in the future. Learning how to present yourself in the world can be a powerful thing.

Participants will have some exciting perks waiting for them at the end of the intensive.  We will have a photo shoot with a professional photographer, with hair and makeup professionals ready to help.  The photo shoot will include group and individual sessions.  We’ll work on public speaking and speaking in front of a camera.  One of our adult students is a real talent in advertising, and he has graciously offered to help teach pointers for interacting with audiences behind a camera.  If you can sell a product, you can sell yourself and vice versa.

Upon joining the intensive, each student will be set up with a full kit of supplies necessary not only for the intensive, but also all the tools needed to set them up for success in their regular weekly classes. In the event of another shutdown, dancers with the kit will be prepared with all the tools needed to ensure they do not lose their skills in the time away from the studio.

Those who participate will be fully prepared for performing, competition, and dance conventions as well as pointe which is scheduled to start this fall!

Our lifestyle students are highly encouraged to do the intensive because of how well it pairs with their current training.  The Summer Intensive is part of the Kinetic Lifestyle Program, so there is no additional cost for the intensive for these students.  The only additional charge is for the intensive kit, which includes weights and resistance bands, a heart rate monitor, a dancer first aid kit and other items to make their training more convenient and effective.  The cost of the kit is $200.

For recreational students joining us the cost of the intensive is $500, which can be split into two payments. These fees cover the training and the kit.