Anyone who has danced before knows that it can be a real workout.  When we watch dancers perform, we can easily see how much work they have put in to becoming strong and flexible.  It seems that the more flexible the dancer is, the more breath-taking their performances are.  For the casual observer, it might not be so obvious that no matter how petite the dancer may appear, they are also incredibly strong.  As students spread their wings learning basic techniques, their muscles tell them just how much strength that light, airy looking move really requires.

We really care for the safety of all of our students, and properly developed flexibility and strength are at the root of safe dance.  Our stretch and strengthen classes focus on technique as much as our dance classes do, just maybe not so much on presentation.  We teach our dancers how their bodies work as they perform different exercises, stretches and dance moves.  Once the dancer understands how their body is supposed to work, they can better feel when they are working out the right parts of their bodies for the movements they wish to improve.

Make sure that you have your water at hand for these classes.  Proper hydration ensures that the soft tissues are properly lubricated and helps wash away the products of our workouts so that we aren’t as sore after these classes.

Pulley Stretches

We’re building a series of stretches using a pulley.  The pulley and rope are meant to “lighten” your leg, so that you can improve your range of motion while you’re building up the strength in the right muscles.  Please be safe, and let someone at home with you know when you’re performing these stretches.  We don’t want to hear that any of our students got themselves tied up in the garage for a couple of hours.

If you haven’t set up the pulley system yet, see the materials and instructions here

As soon as we have pictures and video of the stretches, we’ll be posting them here.