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Moms and Dads, Cats (Cheeto) and Dogs are joining in, too!

We are not willing to let Covid-19 stop us from dancing!  We know that everyone is experiencing stress while the entire world is adjusting to the Coronavirus pandemic.  Physical activity is a great stress reliever, and dance certainly gets you up and moving.

We are now offering live, interactive streaming video classes.  We have chosen a strategy that gives all of us an experience as close to in-studio classes as possible.  Each student will be able to see and talk to the instructor, and the instructor will be able to see and talk to each student.  We will be teaching technique and some routines, with real-time feedback.  We want to see every student up and dancing, maybe even getting their parents, siblings and children joining in.  Have your water bottle within reach.  Just because you aren’t in the studio doesn’t mean that Miss Lexi will stop preaching healthy habits.

We know that we are all affected by the huge financial impact of the Coronavirus.  Business of all sizes are struggling, and many people are experiencing dramatically reduced work hours.  This adds stress, which we’re trying to help combat.  Because of this, we are throwing away our previous tuition structure.  We are offering this live instruction for $20 per month regardless of how many classes you participate in.  We are separating our students into age/skill brackets.  Each student is able to participate in as many of the classes offered to their bracket as they desire for the single $20 monthly fee.

We deeply care for all of our students and families, and want to help them through this upheaval.  Dance is a great social activity and keeps us up and moving in good and difficult times.  It can keep us from cocooning ourselves on the couch binging Netflix.  Click here for instructions on getting started in online classes.

Online Classes   

We are also rolling out our YouTube channel (Kinetic Dance Academy Lacey) a bit faster than we had planned.  We are doing so in order to give our students additional ways to learn new routines and get technique pointers.  The YouTube channel is not our live instruction.  It is a separate effort we are rolling out to give more options in addition to our live classes.  We’re balancing prepping for and conducting our live classes with creating more videos for YouTube.  We may even use footage from some of the video classes as sections of the YouTube videos.

Stay safe!  The world has endured pandemics before and come out stronger.