This page is where we’ll post the class videos through the current Covid shutdown, which is scheduled to end on December 15th (let’s hope). Feel free to work through any of the classes on this page, whether you were signed up for the class or not. This is a way for you to dip your toe into a different style if you want to!

We’re looking for the least obtrusive way for you to send us the video assignments.  Stay tuned in to this page for options for uploading videos AND for new videos as they are released.

If you haven’t set up a Teams account (the account we had set up in March), ping us and we’ll get the instructions to you!

Live Streaming Meetings

On the 11/23 Teen/Adult Ballet – sorry, there’s a section of the video that just went to a blank screen.  There’s more of the video after the blank screen – we wanted to get the video out faster than perfect.  We’ll make sure not to do that again 😉

For the week of December 6-12, we want our students to choreograph and film two short (20-30 seconds) routines – The first should be a routine for your favorite dance style, and the second should be for your least favorite.

For the week of December 13-19, Miss Lexi has released a video with the explanation of the assignments:

The videos discussed in Lexi’s video:

Intermediate Jazz –
Beginner Jazz –
Beginner Lyrical –
Intermediate Lyrical –
Intermediate Hip Hop –
Beginner Hip Hop –