Our Recreational program is a wonderful option for dancers with various levels of experience in training. Every student who walks through our doors has different goals, schedules, and passions and our Recreational program is one way we can cater for those differences. Not every new student wants to become a competitor or performer, but our Recreational classes will still set you up for success if those are some of your goals. Many people seek dance purely for the fun of it, or sometimes for some extra physical activity. Our studio provides opportunities for students in every program we offer, but since we don’t exclusively focus on competitions or performances as being everyone’s goal, we love teaching our dancers who are here purely for a good time!

As a recreational dancer, you can choose classes ala-carte. If you only want to start with one class, you can do that. If you want to customize your experience with us, you have the ability to mix and match classes in any way you choose. We still offer the same level of focus on technique and safety, but the classes are a bit more easy going and less formal than our Lifestyle Programs, which require a different structure.

Number of ClassesTotal Cost (Monthly)Number of ClassesTotal Cost (Monthly)
1$ 45.005$ 167.00
2 $ 83.006$ 187.00
3 $ 116.007$ 204.00
4 $ 143.008 +$ 218.00

Once you register for a recreational class, you are committing to a full “term,” which is approximately three months of classes.

Any student who signs up for eight classes qualifies for “unlimited” classes, where they can sign up for additional recreational classes without paying additional tuition.

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