As Washington State pulls out of the Coronavirus response, a lot is changing.  We’ve created this page to make it easier for all of our previous students to see what has changed, and for new students to learn what we’re doing to get people up and dancing again with in-person dance instruction.  Thurston County is currently in “Phase Two” of the Governor’s Safe Start initiative.  Thurson County is approaching Phase Three, but since the situation is highly dynamic, our plans are based on educated guesses.

This page will be where we post updates as soon as we have them completed.  Please check here to keep up with any updates.  We are really trying hard to balance an open line of communication without spamming all of our families.

Phase Two Specifics

A few days before Thurston County qualified to apply for Phase Two, the Governor came to believe like us that physical activity is very beneficial to our overall health, and can help boost our immune systems.  As a result, he changed the guidelines so that “fitness and training” businesses could reopen during Phase Two with some restrictions.  We are thrilled that he finally recognized how beneficial physical activity is, but have determined that we can best serve our students by continuing our streaming online classes during Phase Two.  Any of our students can attest that our instructors get their students’ hearts racing and breathing heavy.  We’re too nervous to have any students pass out in class because they’re wearing a mask while working hard.  That’s just not right…

For anyone who is unaware, Miss Lexi is a licensed cosmetologist and we have a small hair salon in the studio. She specializes in hair and eyelash extensions, coloring, Balyage highlights and Brazilian Blowout treatments. Phase two allows Miss Lexi to resume cosmetology services, and we know that some of us need some hair love to fix our at-home hair trims and adventures in coloring. We applaud everyone’s can-do attitude over the last few months, but we all know that even the most skilled and experienced hair professionals aren’t so great at self-service. We promise not to judge. If you’d like Miss Lexi to help you prepare for a reentry into the world, give us a call or email us so she can learn what you’d like done and schedule an appointment.  A few of our family members have visited us for hair services.  It was so nice to have our peeps come back!

We are required by the Governor’s order to have any customer who enters the studio/salon during Phase Two review and sign a “waiver and consent form.”  This document details who we are not permitted to allow into the business, what steps we are taking to protect our employees and customers, and what we expect our customers to do to protect us and other customers.

Phase Three Plans

The Governor published requirements for Phase Two, but hasn’t yet done so for Phase Three.  At the moment, we have to make some informed guesses on what Phase Three will look like.  The one bit of clarity is that we’ll be limited to 50% occupancy during Phase Three.  We are anticipating a “waiver and consent form” will be required for Phase Three, but can only guess what the requirements of such a form will be.

Once the Phase Three guidelines are published, we’ll have a better bead on what our classes and schedule will look like.  We’re pretty confident that our schedule should be close to our newly created page here.

Since Covid-19 has created a substantial change to policies and legal requirements, we believe that it is better to have all families sign new contracts rather than try to create addenda which just get confusing for everyone.

We are finalizing our plans for our “Summer Intensive Program” for students 10 years and up. Summer intensives are very common in the dance world. They herald the “dance new year,” where previous dancers can work to shake off bad habits and new dancers can build up to a safe fitness level to participate in preparation for recitals, competitions and performances. This is especially beneficial this year since most opportunities to stay in shape have morphed into quality time with our couch and favorite shows. Although we are not currently active in competitions, we are hosting a recital and planning to increase the number of performances (if the Covid response allows it and our families want them) throughout this year. We plan on starting our competition team late this year or early next year, but will not change our approach to become a competition-only dance school.

We are adjusting our class schedule because we are required to perform significant disinfection between classes. Like we have always done, we are asking our families for feedback to find a schedule that fits as many as possible. We are very confident that Phase three will step up to a 50% maximum occupancy at the studio. Because of this and the popularity of some of our classes, we will need to perform some pre-registration so that students can be sure they can attend the class schedule that best fits their family schedule. There is a lot to balance, and we are diligently working to balance all of this well.

As we start the pre-registration, we need each family to contact us so we can schedule a time for them to come in for a few minutes. Please print out and review the updated contracts (in the works) and waivers before you come in so you can have any questions answered. Since we are currently in Phase 2, we are under significantly stricter directives regarding people entering the studio. For any family who pre-registers, we need to collect a down-payment to reserve a spot in the classes. This down-payment simply solidifies a commitment from the family and student, and will be refunded as appropriate should the Covid response throw us another dramatic curve ball.

We haven’t finalized the updated dress code which will balance the need to minimize changing in the studio with our instructors’ ability to evaluate dance technique and looking good while dancing…Hip-Hop in a tutu just ain’t right!  The global economic impacts of Covid has affected the speed of shipping, so be ready to order any needed attire as soon as possible.

We have had a lot of calls asking about a recital.  We will have a recital!  It is scheduled for September 5th!  More info here. Our venue has been extremely helpful, since they have been significantly harmed by the restriction on large groups.  We have a high confidence in being able to host the event with our dancers and families.  Since Covid has mangled most schedules, we will need a pretty strong commitment from our students and families so that we can teach and learn the recital routines well before the recital actually takes place.

We have also received quite a few calls from prospective new students!  Each really sounds like they’ll fit in with our current students and families.  Of course we’re hoping to grow, especially in an effort to recover from the last few months of being a “non-essential business,” but want to look out for our current families first – please keep in touch and check for updates here so that we can make sure you can get into the classes you want before we open up enrollment to a broader audience.