As Washington State pulls out of the Coronavirus response, a lot is changing.  We’ve created this page to make it easier for all of our previous students to see what has changed, and for new students to learn what we’re doing to get people up and dancing again with in-person dance instruction. 

This page will be where we post updates as soon as we have them completed.  Please check here to keep up with any updates.  We are really trying hard to balance an open line of communication without spamming all of our families.

Phase Three

We have reopened for in-studio classes. During phase three, we are limited to 50% capacity, so need to limit the number of students per class, as well as the number of parents who come in to the studio. We always support the right of parents to be in the studio, but must limit it to one parent per student.

We are following all CDC and Health Department guidance on proper disinfection in the studio. Our classrooms are large, so it is easy for us to keep proper social distancing in our classes – we will ensure that we don’t over-enroll in any class so that social distancing isn’t easily maintained. Our instructors and staff wear masks, and we ask that all students and parents come to the studio wearing a mask. To protect all of us, we require that no one exhibiting symptoms associated with Covid-19, or anyone recently exposed to such a person enter the studio.

We are required to have each student or guardian understand and sign the WA Governor’s “waiver and consent” form, which details the actions we are taking to protect our staff and students as well as our expectations of our students to protect us and their peers.

We have had a lot of calls asking about a recital.  We will have a recital!  It is scheduled for September 5th!  More info here. Our venue has been extremely helpful, since they have been significantly harmed by the restriction on large groups.  We have a high confidence in being able to host the event with our dancers and families.  Since Covid has mangled most schedules, we will need a pretty strong commitment from our students and families so that we can teach and learn the recital routines well before the recital actually takes place.

We have also received quite a few calls from prospective new students!  Each really sounds like they’ll fit in with our current students and families.  Of course we’re hoping to grow, especially in an effort to recover from the last few months of being a “non-essential business,” but want to look out for our current families first – please keep in touch and check for updates here so that we can make sure you can get into the classes you want before we open up enrollment to a broader audience.