What we’re offering:

We are using Microsoft Teams for the online classes.  Teams allow us to schedule “meetings,” which are the classes we are teaching.  In these classes, Miss Lexi and/or Miss Juliet will be streaming video of their instruction.  Each student has the choice as to whether they want to also stream video, which makes real-time feedback possible.  While we’re all socially distancing from each other, it is too easy to become less active.  By staying up and active, we’re keeping up our energy level and boosting our immune systems.  We have a group of really friendly students and instructors, so the classes give us a chance to socialize without being next to each other.

We started these classes by offering a couple each day, and are adding more classes as our students want them.  We have shuffled the class schedule from the in-studio classes a bit, but since our kids and teens aren’t currently in school, we’re hoping that his change won’t be too inconvenient.  We are monitoring how the local school districts are adapting, so that we can quickly shift and make sure that our school-aged students can still “go to dance class.”  We are starting by hosting the classes taught by Miss Lexi and Miss Juliet.  As sisters, the mandatory social distancing does not impact them.  We are working with Miss Tess, to identify if we can set her up off-site so she can continue teaching her classes.

We’ve been hosting these online classes since March 18th, and we are recording the full sessions.  We’re looking for the best way to make these class recordings available to our students while respecting their privacy, so our students can revisit any of the classes on their own time to brush up on the technique pointers and routines being taught.  Each online class has its own page, where we post a list of household props needed for the class, as well as videos of the routines we are teaching.


Miss Lexi preaches the physical benefits of dance.  Dance is excellent exercise, as any of our students can attest.  Exercise is a great way to reduce stress and we’re all feeling a bit more stress than usual.  This stress will increase as this social distancing continues.  We want as many of our current students to join us as possible, but have also opened this up to a much wider audience.  We all have friends who are feeling cooped up and looking for things for us and our kids do do while we’re stuck at home.  If you know someone who needs an outlet, please tell them about this.

As we transitioned to online classes, we completely revamped our tuition.  For in-studio classes, we charge a fee for each enrolled class, with additional classes costing less than the previous.  With this program, we are charging a flat fee of $20 per month.  Each student can attend any class for their age range, so can choose one class per week or every class through the week for the same monthly price.

We started Kinetic Dance Academy with the safety of our students as our top priority. In the light of the news reports of Zoom’s massive privacy breaches, we are proud that our attention to the safety of our students led us to use Microsoft Teams. Like many other businesses, we considered Zoom. We felt compelled to listen to our “gut feeling” that even though Microsoft Teams is a more complicated system to administer, it was the right tool to protect our students.

Participation in these classes is subject to Terms & Conditions.

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