How to sign up for our online classes:

There are a few steps to this process, and wish we could make it a bit less cumbersome.  Microsoft rolled out dramatic changes to their Teams software in record time to help all of us cope with the Coronavirus response.  They have done a great job, but still have a bit of polish to put on to better streamline the system.

  1. Go get a big glass of water. Just because we’re separated doesn’t mean Lexi isn’t going to keep helping each student build healthy habits.
  2. Since we’re using Microsoft Teams, you need to set up a free Microsoft account. This is the “user management” part of Microsoft Teams, and can use an email from any provider, including Google, etc. We have a how-to guide here.
  3. Once you have set up the Microsoft account, email us and let us know the email address used for the Microsoft account and that you want to join in.
    1. We’ll add you to our paid Microsoft Teams system and you will get an email invitation to join our team.
    2. We are managing this process in this way so we can ensure that all of our students are protected from anonymous spectators.
  4. While you’re waiting for the invitation, make sure you have your water and install the Microsoft Teams app. It advertises support for Windows, Mac and Android.  You can run Teams through a web browser, but this has been reported to be less stable than the desktop app.
    1. Go to and click “Download teams.” Once it has downloaded, install it. When the install is complete, it will ask you to sign in.
    2. You won’t be able to sign in until after you have accepted the invitation.
  5. You will receive an email from Microsoft Invitations with the subject line “Lexi Huttar invited you to access applications within their organization.”
    1. Open a web browser and go to  You must be logged in to the Microsoft account to accept the invitation.
    2. Open the email and hit the button marked “Accept Invitation.”
    3. You will see a “Review permissions” pop-up.  You need to click “Accept” to join our Teams organization.
  6. Once you have accepted the invitation, the Microsoft back-end software needs a little bit of time to process.
    1. Once that is done, you will be able to log in to the Microsoft Teams app.
    2. We will add you to the roster for each class for your age bracket.  You’ll receive an email notification for each class.
  7. Since the Teams system generates quite a few emails, we’ve created a page to make keeping track easier.  This page will be constantly updated as we add new classes.  It includes the schedule, links to a page specific to each class, where we’ll upload videos of routines and previous classes and let you know what, if any household props are needed for the class.  The schedule page also has a link you can use to join in on a class without having to keep track of emails.
  8. Pop in to as many classes as you want, share this with your friends, keep the blood pumping and stay safe!