Miss Lexi – Director

Miss Lexi is the Owner and Director at Kinetic Dance Academy. She started her first LLC as a dance instructor in 2012 and has been teaching ever since. She danced competitively for five years, had the pleasure of being part of a ballet company for three years, and trained with choreographers and instructors from around the world for 12 years.

Dance was her home away from home while she was growing up, and looked forward to going to class every single day. As the Owner and Director at Kinetic Dance Academy, it is her goal to make every student young and old alike feel the same joy she felt every day.

Miss Tess

Miss Tess has studied movement arts for nearly thirty years. She has specialized in Cultural Dance exploring and performing various styles including Cabaret, Folkloric, Tribal Fusion, Burlesque and Jazz. She has directed, instructed and choreographed since 2003 when she founded her first Dance Company. Her classes embrace dancers of all levels, interests and ages. Her format and teaching style focuses on building self-confidence, body awareness and fitness.

Miss Juliet

Miss Juliet has been dancing for 10 years, a competitive dancer for 6, and a company ballet member for 3 years. Dance is her nature. Her heart and mind are constantly in dance mode. Dance was introduced in her life in a time when she needed a constructive stress release. Dance has been her tool for shedding stress and frustration and allowed her to express her feelings and create joy and beauty. The emotion of her choreography has earned her a number of awards at competitions. As she got older and more experienced, she started assisting in classes and fell in love with teaching. She loves seeing the progress and the confidence build within each dancer, it is truly amazing to see them grow as a dancer. She is obsessed with seeing dancers encourage, support, and empower each other! As a teacher she strives for that atmosphere in her classes because in the world of dance we need more positivity! Miss Juliet’s infectious love of dance rubs off especially well with young dancers, which is why she is our debut instructor for many of our youngest students.

All the self-confidence and poise learned through dance helped Miss Juliet earn the title of 2019 Capital Lakefair Queen. Not only was this an amazing opportunity to advocate for people with Tourette’s Syndrome, but it also gained her several scholarships which she is using as a student at Saint Martin University.