Our Fall 2020 class schedule is here.

The Kinetic Lifestyle Programs were designed for our students with a dedicated work ethic and big goals to match. The purpose of these programs is to accelerate the learning for each individual dancer who enrolls. Students are held to a high standard which requires a dedicated and driven dancer to benefit from these program classes. We offer programs for students of all levels. Whether you are just starting your journey into dance or you’ve been training for years, we make sure you are in the right option for you. Our programs come in 3 options at each level. The 1st option includes 3 classes a week specifically for Lifestyle Program students. At the end of every 3-month term the students take exams where they have the ability to advance one or more levels as their individual skills grow. These classes provide the dancers with the same entertaining and exciting qualities of all our other classes, but are filled with students who have like-minded goals. This allows for the most advancement to happen within the classes.

At most dance studios, students rarely, if ever have the opportunity to choreograph their own dances. Too often, the only choreography taught is composed by one or two people – that can make the performances stale.

As part of the “show tell do teach” approach to instruction, our Lifestyle students start choreographing for themselves early. It gives us a great perspective on each dancer’s strengths, confidence level and trouble areas that no other kind of communication can equal. It allows us to create routines that fit the skill and personality of each dancer or dancers performing together. Since the dancer is totally invested in the routine, they push themselves a bit harder to create something beautiful. Of course, we work with the students to polish their routines, and have lots of instructor-created choreography, too.

Many advantages are provided within the Lifestyle Programs, which are exclusive to the students in it. From performing opportunities, to uniform and costumes, strength and nutrition coaching, and even scholarship opportunities, we make sure each Lifestyle Program dancer gets the ultimate training experience at here at Kinetic.

We call our Kinetic Lifestyle Program students athletes, because we show them how dance is as much an athletic activity as any mainstream sport. Have you ever really looked at a professional ballet dancer? They are among the most fit and strong people you may ever see. They are not built like a football player, but each and every muscle is toned and powerful while maintaining an incredible threshold for flexibility, grace and speed. They’re just not trained to “take a hit” from a lineman.

With our Lifestyle Programs, all students receive dance instruction in several dance styles, but also receive without added cost:

  • Replacement or update of the dance attire appropriate to the styles they are learning at the start of each term.
  • Recital costumes (Costume prices are prorated if the student hasn’t been enrolled in the summer and fall terms).
  • Exercise and stretch coaching.
  • We work with our athletes to create a professional-quality portfolio, which they can use for auditions and scholarship applications.
  • Enrollment in our Summer Intensive Program (Summer Intensive Kit must be purchased separately).
  • (Pre) Pointe: For any dancer to begin training and dancing on pointe, they must have physically matured (bones, muscles, tendons, etc.) and demonstrated the necessary strength and control to prevent injury. As the dancer is progressing to pointe, this class will function as an additional ballet technique class, focusing on the skills and strength needed for pointe.
  • At Tier 3, our athletes qualify for “unlimited” classes, where they can sign up for any additional recreational group classes without added tuition, allowing them to “double up” on their favorite genres or try something completely different.
AcroBalletHip-HopJazzLyrical(Pre) Pointe*Unlimited*Price (Monthly)
Tier 1XXX$175
Tier 2XXXXX$225
Tier 3XXXXXXX$275

If you’re already enrolled in a Lifestyle Program, you can pay your tuition here.