The right attire while dancing is crucial.  It is the first impression of a dancer, and the right fit and style ensures that the dancer can move freely through any workout or performance.  All too often, studios charge high prices for dance wear that doesn’t last.  As a young student, Miss Lexi saw this approach and felt cheated by those she thought cared about her growth as a dancer.

At Kinetic Dance Academy, we have considered quite a few suppliers of dance wear and believe that we have found several who offer a great balance of economy and quality.  We know that many of our dancers are young and still growing, so will grow out of their attire before they could wear it out.  Many of our teens and young adults will see that as they mature and their fitness improves, their whole wardrobe will fit differently.  As they build up their lean muscle mass through healthy exercise and diet, some areas will become more trim, and others will become more defined.  Our attention to our families’ budgets has helped us find quality dancewear that will survive, but won’t break the bank.

In-Studio Dance Wear

Miss Lexi has selected dance attire for each style of dance, which matches the dance and allows our teachers to properly see how each dancer is positioning themselves as they learn technique or a routine.  Miss Lexi has selected items for the Lifestyle Program Dancers, and any of them are great for recreational dancers, too.

Dancewear by Dance Style
Acro Ballet Belly Dance
Hip-Hop Jazz Lyrical/Contemporary

Lifestyle Program Dancewear

Logo Wear

We know that dance wear isn’t the most appropriate attire to wear in public, but many dancers learn to love it.  We offer logo wear that can be used as a cover-up while entering or leaving the studio, or as a way to show off our pride in our dance community.  For those warmer days, we offer tee shirts, and for colder days, we offer sweat pants and sweat shirts.

You can add a name to any of our logo wear, and you can add text to the back of the Tees and Hoodies, at no added cost.

Teen/Adult Hoodies
Toddler/Kids Hoodies
Teen/Adult Sweat Pants
Toddler/Kids Sweat Pants
Teen/Adult Tee Shirts
Toddler/Kids Tee Shirts