These are the styles of dance we currently teach at Kinetic Dance Academy:



Acro is short for acrobatic dance.  It combines many of the elements of Contemporary/Lyrical, and Jazz dance with gymnastic movements such as flips and contortion.  Acro dance requires a lot of strength to perform, but also requires the artistry of a dancer to make a performance memorable.

Dancers learn to safely perform acrobatic moves and develop the control to perform the moves at any speed, to blend with a dance routine at any tempo.

Acro Dancewear


Ballet is the foundation of nearly all other forms of dance, which is why it is often the first style recommended to you when you enter a studio.  Ballet is the perfect introduction to self expression and freedom through dance.

It teaches grace and musicality as well as respect for the art while developing the strength and flexibility needed to become the best dancer you can be.  Ballet is an amazing tool for athletes of all ages and skill sets.  In fact The National Football League has endorsed ballet training for players who need to improve their balance and direction-changing abilities.  If you were ever fortunate enough to have seen Mikhail Baryshnikov perform, you’ve seen the ability ballet has in forming a magnificent athlete and performer.

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Belly Dance

Belly dance is an old dance style developed by women for women.  It helps women build a sisterhood where they can support each other, have fun and get fit.  Belly dance has many unique techniques, which beautifully complement modern dance.  It isn’t often combined with modern dance, so is an amazing opportunity for a dancer to create his or her own unique style and routines.

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Hip Hop can be identified by many styles such as street dancing, robotic, jazz funk, and contemporary, etc.  Dancers will learn break-dancing skills and acrobatic stalls to advance their ability for creativity within the style.  The goal for each student is to become aware of how to control your movements to create different impacts and develop an effortless musicality that perfectly matches the highs and lows in your music.  While Hip Hop is ideal for expressing each dancers individuality, when combined in a group environment a new layer to the style is formed.

Hip-Hop Dancewear


Jazz dancing is a fast paced, rhythm-focused style often accompanied by upbeat music.  Jazz has evolved dramatically over the last few years.  What originally started as a purely Broadway style of dance has evolved to include other styles of music such as pop and rock, which has also broadened the variety of movements taught.  Jazz dance can now go from a musical theater style all the way to hip-hop inspired movements.  Throughout our students training, we introduce them to as many varieties of the style as possible.

Jazz Dancewear


Both Lyrical and Contemporary dance are what most dancers see as the ultimate form of expression through dance.  Each style combines dance techniques from ballet, jazz and even hip hop to portray emotionally charged story telling routines to a variety of music.  These styles can range from very fluid movement to quick and quirky.  In all of our Lyrical/Contemporary classes we expose the dancers to routines and movements on both ends of the spectrum to ensure each student becomes the most versatile dancer they can be.

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All of our Movement classes are for our rambunctious 2-4 year olds who love to move.  The goal of these classes is to start teaching them balance and fine motor control in a class of non-stop fun.  We teach beginner level techniques to help with the development of their musicality and challenge them with simple movements to gain coordination and memory.  We love to use a variety of props (such as noise makers, ribbons, pompoms, etc.) to help keep the learning process new and interesting every week.Our goal is to help each student form habits which help them develop long-lasting friendships, respect for others and a love of safe physical activities.

If your young dancer loves to move and learn, we invite them to join one of these high-energy, excitement-filled classes.

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