For our teens, we use the basic learning and coordination that comes with advancing from young childhood to start building a strong, confident and fit young adult.


A number of our classes for teens are teens/adult classes. This enables the teens to interact with adults as peers in a safe environment. This can be a fast boost to confidence, reducing the stress they’ll encounter as they enter college or professional life.

We are looking to create great dancers who dance for the sheer joy of it, rather than solely focusing on competitive or professional dance. For those students who are looking at dance as a possible avenue to college, or if professional dance is their drive, we help them identify a path and work diligently to help them achieve their goals.

We focus on safety in every aspect. Our instructors spot acrobatic maneuvers while the students are learning, and until they have mastered the moves. We focus on healthy eating and exercise habits, ensuring that our students reach real fitness rather than “skinny.” We work with every student to ensure that they are fully comfortable when we have any pair or group routines.


We have a lot of fun in these classes, but expect that everyone come to class with a preparedness to learn and help each other grow as dancers. A key part of our philosophy is that the only drama we want to see in the studio is that expressed through dance.

All of our teens can sign up for our online classes, and as soon as the Coronavirus social distancing is lifted, they can sign up for our recreational classes or Lifestyle Programs.