We offer two levels of classes for kids.

For the youngest kids (ages 2 to around 6), we offer the “Itty-Bitty” and “Wiggle-Worms” classes. These classes introduce them to dance, working on their coordination, teaching them to learn in groups and developing basic musicality. We keep them entertained and busy, so these classes are a great and healthy way to burn off some energy while learning.

For our older kids (from around 6 to 12), we start teaching in a more structured way, but still keep them up and moving. We teach the fundamentals of technique, basics of safety and self-care and build their skills into dance routines. These routines make the technique learning fun, rather than repetitive, and give each the student the chance to show off what they’re learning.


We really like to have a short evaluation with our new kids and their parents so that we can help determine if they are ready for the older classes. We want to make sure that every student gets as much as they can from our classes.

Any of our kids can sign up for our online classes or, as soon as the Coronavirus social isolation is lifted, our recreational classes.