Too many dance studios focus on kids and teens, leaving adults looking for a way to learn dance somewhere else.  We can be that somewhere else for you!


Dance is a great way to get up and moving, and lets us have fun with our friends and loved ones.  We take a holistic approach to teaching dance, working with every student to ensure a healthy diet to fuel the dance and keep a constant eye on safety.

Some of our adult classes are teens/adult classes.  In these classes, the adults can help build up the self confidence of our teens, while working with them as peers in dance.  The teens’ extra energy can motivate our adults to keep moving, trying new things and improving their dance abilities.  Peer pressure isn’t a purely negative thing.  The teens can inspire you to try a bit harder, and you can motivate them to use the talents they have been graced with.

We have some adult students who just want to learn dance for fun or fitness, and others want to re-enter their previous formal dance training.  We happily support both of these goals, and will work to ensure that you are placed in classes that fit your goals.

We do have some classes (such as Heels), which are our oldest teens (16+ with parental permission) and adults only.  Heels, for example, is a bit “spicier” than other dance styles, and these classes can be a bit uncomfortable for the adults and teens alike if teens are present.

We’d love any interested adults to sign up for our online classes, or as soon as the Coronavirus social isolation is lifted, our recreational classes or Lifestyle Programs.