We offer classes for all ages from 2 to 80+.  Too many studios focus on pre-teens and teens, making passionate youngsters wait to build coordination, musicality and grace.  Early passion for dance can be quashed by lack of opportunity to grow.  We love the energy of our youngest students, and their energy charges up our staff and older students.  Dance is great physical activity for adults, and is a great avenue for socializing, both inside the dance studio and out.  Whether our student is 2 or 72, or any age in between, we focus on safety and helping to create a healthy lifestyle.  We use the life experience of our older dancers to help create strong, confident and respectful young adults, and the energy and natural grace of our younger students to inspire and motivate our older dancers to step out of their “ruts,” and nervousness to try something new.

We teach a wide variety of dance styles, giving all of our students the chance to learn the fundamentals of dance and spread their wings in creativity.

We support our students who choose dance for a recreational or social outlet as much as we support those who are looking for athleticism, competition or a career in dance.