Please don’t use the links below to sign up for classes. We really prefer to talk with our new students and their parents (for the kids and teens) to ensure that each student is in the right class for their experience and goals. Please contact us to schedule a quick meeting so we can sign you or your child up for the class that best fits them.

Tuition Quick Links

Summer Intensive Lifestyle Programs Private Classes Recreational Classes

Recreational Classes

Our recreational classes are great for dancers who want to learn dance just for fun and fitness, or see if dance is the right activity for them. We offer the same high-quality instruction we offer in all of our classes, but don’t push quite so hard for continual improvement. That’s not to say that we won’t motivate you to get the most out of your classes. Check out our recreational classes page for more information.

For in-studio recreational classes, we offer discounts for multiple classes.  The first class is $45.00 per month, and each additional class costs less than the previous.

Click here to pay recreational class tuition.

Private Dance Lessons

For our students who want to personalize their style, choreograph their own routines or really focus on specific aspects of their technique, we offer one-on-one instruction.

Click here to pay for private lessons.

Kinetic Lifestyle Programs

Our lifestyle programs are for those students who want to really become the best dancer they can be! We provide a bit more focus on precision and continual improvement than in our recreational classes. We teach all of our students some basics of healthy eating, injury prevention and self-care so that they are able to meet their dance and fitness goals in a healthy way. Dancers who have reached a professional or competitive level are fit and toned, not “skinny.” We want to ensure that all of our dancers use dance to reach new levels of healthy activity, which is a balance of diet, exercise and proper technique to prevent injury.

Click here to learn more about our Kinetic Lifestyle Program.

If you or your child is already enrolled in our Kinetic Lifestyle Program, click here to pay the tuition.

Summer Intensive

Our Summer Intensive Program has a bit more relevance this year.  With the Coronavirus response, we’ve all spent a bit too much time on our favorite streaming service.  This program will whip us all back into shape and work to fix any bad habits we picked up while spending quality time with our couch.  Click here for more information.

The Summer Intensive tuition is included in the tuition for Lifestyle Program, so the athletes don’t need to pay this tuition, but do need to purchase the Summer Intensive Kit.

Our recreational dancers who want to join in need to pay this tuition, but the kit is included.