Auditions for the 2021-2022 Performance Teams are on June 12, 2021!

  • Auditions will be held from 4:00 – 8:30 PM on June 12  Details Here
  • Candidates must complete an application
  • Candidates must love dancing
  • Candidates must commit to a year of classes, practices and events
  • Candidates must take classes to help support the dance styles of their performance routines
  • Candidates must be hard-working team players

2020 was obviously hard on our performance teams.  We have already been receiving information on events that will be held in 2021!

Performance Teams:

  • Will have 3-15 people on a team (approximately)
  • Will do a production routine with the competition dancers to open for recital
  • Will be required to help with fundraisers
  • Must attend all team and community events/performances.
  • Must attend every practice unless given permission or are sick
  • Must pay all tuition and fees on time
  • Must wear uniform to practice
  • Must do summer workshop to get a jumpstart on choreography and learn stage hair and make-up
  • If wanting to do a solo or duo, must schedule ½ hour private sessions with Lexi @ $25 per ½ hour
  • Must sign contract for the year and commit to routines and costumes.
  • Must be enrolled in at least 2 recreation classes to help support their choreography
  • Must pay for performing team class
  • Team members will receive a discount for summer intensives

The Teams

  • Minis “Commanders” are 5-8 years old and will do 1 jazz/hip hop routine
  • Youth “Producers” are 9-12 years old and will do 2 routines (Jazz/hip hop)and 1 lyrical/contemporary
  • Teens “Authority” are 13-19 years old and will do 2 routines 1 Jazz/hip hop) and 1 lyrical/contemporary


  • All team members must be enrolled in performance team class and two dance classes of any style ($116/month)
  • Uniform (jacket and team tee shirt) – $100, due in July
  • Costumes – $200, due in September

Additional Costs

  • As always, we will consider the budgets of our families and will work to keep the costs down
  • Some events have entry fees for performances.  These costs will be divided among the team
  • Parents and family members may need to pay event entry fees to watch the performances
  • We may need to rent a vehicle to carpool to certain events