Auditions for the 2021-2022 Competition Teams are on June 12, 2021!

Our first competition team (Espy, Lilly and Jess) struggled through the Covid environment and participated in two competitions.  They earned two Platinum awards!  We are so proud of them!

  • Auditions will be held from 4:00 – 8:30 PM on June 12  Details Here
  • Candidates must complete an application
  • Candidates must love dancing
  • Candidates must commit to a year of classes, practices and events
  • Candidates must take classes to help support the dance styles of their competition routines
  • Candidates must be hard-working team players

To Audition:

Candidates must fit at least one criteria:

  • Intermediate level dancer
  • Former Dance Competition experience
  • Former Performing team member
  • Special permission from KDA

Competition Teams

  • Will be required to do production routine with all competition performing team dancers for recitals opening act.
  • Will be required to help with fundraising
  • Must do the summer workshop to get ahead on choreography and learn hair and makeup. There will be a fee.
  • Must be at every practice unless given permission or sick
  • Must go to all competitions and required conventions
  • Must go to all team/community events and performances
  • Must pay all fees on time
  • Must wear uniform to class or will be asked to sit out
  • Must sign contract for the year and agree to routines and costumes
  • Allowed one ½ hour private lesson per week, pay for more than that at $25 per ½ hour
  • Our youth team is required to take classes that support what their competition routines are. Can audition for Lifestyle Program
  • Our teens team is required to be in out Tier 3 Lifestyle Program
  • Discount on summer intensives
  • Team members do not pay for competition classes
  • Additional monthly fees will apply
  • Teams will go to 3 competitions, 1 mandatory convention (can compete, if desired), other conventions will be optional

The Teams

  • “Extreme” will do a hip hop, jazz, and lyrical/contemporary
  • “Audacity” will do a hip hop, Jazz, and lyrical/contemporary
  • Select “Xhiliration” is for any age that is chosen for our acro team.

The Uniform

  • Will be required for all team practices

Team Fees/Costs

  • Each dancer needs to be enrolled in our Tier 3 Lifestyle Program ($275/month)
  • Team Uniform, which includes a warmup jacket, Team Tee shirt, Crop Top and backpack – $185, due in July
  • Costumes for team routines $300 (+100 if on Xhiliration) – Costumes for optional competition routines will be added cost – due in September
  • Competition and Convention entry fees have been estimated and leveled out to a monthly fee instead of a lump-sum cost.  $100/month for entry fees (+20 if on Xhiliration)