Our 2020-2021 Competition Team has been selected!

  • Espy
  • Jess
  • Lilly

We wish we could have a more precise set of dates and entry fees, but each competition and convention is working hard to adapt to Covid requirements and restrictions.

Competition Team:

  • Open to dancers from 12 to 18 years of age
    • Must be at least 12 by September 7th
    • Dancers who are 18 years of age may not be allowed to compete in solo/duo routines at some competitions
  • We will participate in 3 competitions and 2 conventions
    • The conventions are highly recommended but are not required
  • We will be competing with 3 group routines – Contemporary, Hip-Hop and Jazz
  • The team will meet twice per week, starting the week of September 14th, 2020
    • Monday and Friday 4:00 – 5:30 PM
  • Each team participant must be enrolled in one of our Lifestyle Programs
    • Class tuition to learn and rehearse the group routines are covered in the cost of enrollment in the Lifestyle Programs.
  • The team will learn our parade routines, participate in selected parades and perform at select community events
  • We will only travel to in-state competitions and conventions
    • We will communicate travel/hotel needs (if needed) as soon as they are available
    • We¬†may travel out of state if we earn a position at the Nationals competition, which will take place summer 2021
    • We will keep the need for travel/hotels to a minimum
  • Team members can participate in solo/duo competition routines
  • Each team member must commit to:
    • Being a member of the team until 2021 auditions
    • Paying convention/competition fees on time
    • Participation in classes, performances, competitions, parades and conventions
  • An addendum to the student/parent contract will be required
  • We are developing plans in case of competition/convention cancellations due to Covid
  • We are considering a mini performance/competition to prepare the dancers prior to the first “real” competition
    • December 2020 to January 2021
    • Subject to the needs/desires of the team, venue options and Covid restrictions
  • We will send out the dates and details of the performances/competitions as soon as the hosts release them
    • This is usually early in the year – sometimes as late as early spring
  • KDA staff will be present at each convention and competition, and each convention/competition has security staff to protect the participants

Estimated costs for Competition Team:

  • Warmups\Team Uniform – $100 – These will be worn at all performances, competitions and conventions and will be the uniform for parades
  • Costumes – $300 – 450 – Three costumes will be needed, one for each group routine
    • We will work to keep the costs low – this price is the combined estimate for all three costumes
  • Competition entry fees – $500 – 600 – This is the estimated total cost for entry in the three competitions
  • Convention entry fees – $500 – 600 – This is the estimated total cost for entry into the two conventions
    • Convention attendance is highly recommended, but is not required
  • Conventions and Competitions offer logo wear for purchase, which are voluntary and are not included in these estimates
  • We are not charging for auditions
  • The cost of the in-studio team classes are included in the Lifestyle Program enrollment
  • If the dancer elects to compete with a solo/duo routine, there will be added cost for
    • Private lessons to learn/rehearse the routine
    • Costume – The student will be selecting the costume so will have significant control of the price
    • Fee to the competition hosts for an additional performance
  • Some competitions charge a small fee ($10 – $15) for family to watch the competition – due to the Covid changes, we don’t know the current price for any competition
    • Certain competitions may not permit families to attend due to Covid restrictions

The cost of the warmups and costumes will be due in the first half of the Fall 2020 term

The cost of convention/competition entry will be due 2 to 3 months before the event, which will be spread out and after the start of 2021