For anyone who is not aware, Miss Lexi’s brother is in his fourth year pursuing a PhD in Psychology at the University of North Dakota. He gained notoriety early in his academic career at Saint Martins University by identifying how many previous Autism studies have overlooked some of the common behavioral and social traits of people on the spectrum. These studies, in not accommodating and considering the social and behavioral differences, have missed significant opportunities and have led to confusing results. The vast majority of Autism studies are focused on young children on the spectrum, with very little focus on late-teens and adults. His career goal is to pioneer studies on Autism for the millions of adults who are left with little support as they try to navigate the professional world and relationships. It is estimated that less than 10% of people on the Autism spectrum will ever be in a long-term romantic relationship.


We are asking all of our friends to share the word – He is conducting an international study on Autism Spectrum Disorder and romantic relationships. The more participation he receives, the better! Please note that he is seeking the participation of adults on the spectrum. This is a comparative study, and it has been designed to leverage data from the large volume of relationship studies for “neurotypical” relationships.